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In 2020, ecommerce sales accounted for 14% of total sales in the United States.

That might not sound like loads, but it’s actually a pretty big piece of the pie – and it’s only getting bigger and bigger, every year. People are choosing to purchase goods and services online because of the convenience and ease of the process.

Making all that possible is the creation of high quality ecommerce websites.

At Web Design & Development Services of Greensboro, we’re proud of the top quality ecommerce websites that we’ve designed over the years, and we feel complete confidence that we’ll be able to create a website that works wonderfully well for your ecommerce business.

This is a crucial element in a successful online business venture, so it’s not something you can afford to neglect.

Reach for the stars by using the most accomplished ecommerce web design service around.

What is Ecommerce Website Design?

Okay, let’s start at the beginning

What is ecommerce website design? This is the process where a web design team create a website which also functions as an online store for a business.

Naturally, it involves making the website attractive and usable, but the primary focus is on the sales funnel that it creates – the way it makes it possible for people to purchase goods and services on your website.

How are the goods displayed on your website? Where is the pertinent information that people will need access to?

These kinds of questions will determine the success or failure of your ecommerce site.

Profitable Design

If you’re planning on selling

Goods and services online, then you really can’t overstate the importance of the ecommerce site design.

Ultimately, this will be your vehicle for making profits moving forward.

Even if you have great services or products, if you don’t have an effective way for people to purchase what you’re selling, you’re not going to make any money.

This is why it’s worth investing more of your money into a strong, experienced website company that won’t let you down.

Secure Sites

When it comes to websites

Security is always important. You need top quality security to ensure that your website continues to function as expected, not falling prey to hackers and doxing.

But that’s not the only reason it’s important. Comprehensive security is also required to protect users from harm – particularly on ecommerce sites.

The potential for people to lose payment information (and even real capital) means that you need to take this extremely seriously.

Fortunately, we design websites which emphasize security in a major way, so you can rest easy.

Painless Transactions

The best ecommerce websites

Don’t just make it possible to purchase goods and services through them, they actually make the process quick and painless.

Every second longer that people have to think about whether or not to buy something is another second for them to change their mind.

A streamlined, straightforward transaction process is going to make you money, that’s the bottom line.

We build ecommerce sites that bear this thinking in mind.

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